Integrated Digital Solutions

New Relic One

Monitoring, debugging, and optimization for all ends. New Relic One is a real-time observability platform that allows DevOps teams to collaborate and solve data problems by conducting real-time analysis, testing, tracking, and optimizing application performance.

New Relic One Features

Smart alerts

With built-in machine learning mechanisms, the platform automatically detects abnormal signals from applications, determines potentially relevant incidents, and decreases excessive warnings.

Visual analytics for all ends

The structurally comprehensive monitoring perspectives can oversee all enterprise software stacks, enabling it to analyze and identify the potential causes of problems.

Data integration

New Relic One is capable of executing mechanisms related to daily operations such as data collection, graphical processing, and notifications for abnormalities.

New Relic One Advantages

Collect all telemetry data from a secure cloud platform

  • Perform the monitoring and operations of metrics, events, traces, and logs in one plac

  • Single priced query requests, graphical dashboards and alerts

  • Free monthly 100GB limit

Experience true interconnectivity

  • Associate problems on all ends

  • Debug and collaborate from your IDE

  • AI assistance for each step

There when you need it

  • no penalties for idle software and use over the cap

  • Free activation

  • Scales according to the number of users and growth of data volume

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As a New Relic partner, Nextlink Technology’s experienced professional architects and operation teams are experts in integrated services for public, private, and mixed clouds. We work with renowned third-party partners and offer digital services, including monitoring, data security, visual analytics, database, and development tools. We build comprehensive, customized solutions for various industries and are a top partner for enterprise digital transformations.