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Nextlink Technology facilitates your utilization of Salesforce cloud CRM to generate excellent operational performance and enterprise value.


Salesforce – The World’s Most Popular CRM System

What does a retailer with more than 300 locations across Taiwan do in response to when sales are decreasing daily? How can the sales of products be managed for the many product lines within companies where each sales department has its management style?

Salesforce is the solution for all of these issues! Integrating marketing, sales, and customer management into a single cloud platform helps enterprises simplify processes, enhance efficiency, and generate excellent interactions with customers. Nextlink’s team of Salesforce experts will help you build a customized solution that best fits the needs and culture of your organization.

The CRM solution built for digital transformation

Studies have shown that after implementing Salesforce, sales revenue increased by 37%, customer satisfaction by 45%, and marketing return on investment by 43%. This growing trend is evidence that CRM is not simply a tool for recording data but can benefit enterprises by building their brand image and creating value. Nextlink Technology’s consulting team can also provide further details on the three major aspects of sales management, staff operations, and system settings to detail the benefits of Salesforce:

Central management and flexible application of sales data

As a single cloud platform, Salesforce CRM can utilize built-in reports and dashboards to build and manage visualized reports, whether they are pipelines managed by sales reps or details of customer purchases. Sales staff and managers can always comprehensively overview current sales conditions.

Intuitive and simple interface design

Salesforce’s desktop and mobile versions have user-friendly interfaces. Salesforce is easy to access, intuitive, and time-saving compared to other CRM systems. These features help users to achieve better efficiency in their day-to-day tasks, allowing them to focus on utilizing the system to develop new business opportunities, engage in customer service, and grow sales.

Easy maintenance and updates through system back-end functionality

Salesforce is a highly secure cloud platform that can lower server maintenance costs and allows IT staff to focus on optimized digital development. The cloud system utilizes the model of user-oriented SaaS and provides flexibility in expanding system functionality based on enterprise needs; a free system update is provided every three years to optimize the Salesforce system functionality.

Popular Salesforce Applications & Services

CRM solutions primarily consist of 3 main aspects – marketing, sales, and customer service. Users can utilize Salesforce differently depending on the features of their products and services, whether it is e-commerce, face-to-face consulting, store sales…etc. Salesforece provides the most comprehensive solutions to help you build your own CRM.

Digital marketing

  • How can enterprises track and analyze the performance of each marketing event? Salesforce launched Pardot Marketing, a “marketing automation solution” that can collect data from potential customers through marketing data such as eDM and event registrations to increase sales opportunities. B2C Marketing Cloud integrates diverse marketing channels for enterprises, helping them enhance the management of diverse data from various sources to enhance the overall operation efficiency.

Sales management

  • Sales reps must track the progress and achievement of sales quotas daily. Sales Cloud by Salesforce is a one-stop cloud solution to help users manage customers systematically. Leads gathered from various channels become opportunities that can be tracked and processed in real-time, allowing sales teams and other team units to communicate and collaborate on a single platform to increase overall operation efficiency.

Customer service management

  • When a customer calls to inquire about progress, how can you know the customer’s previous response and the progress of their situation in advance? Salesforce Service Cloud is a solution for B2B and B2C enterprises. With centralized case management, a management platform for diverse customer service channels, and systemized knowledge management service, customer service staffs no longer need to worry about missing customer information. The problems of customers can be solved systematically to drive benefits in both improved internal operational efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.

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Nextlink Technology, the Top Consulting Service for Implementing Salesforce

Supposed an enterprise wishes to build out a CRM digitalization blueprint using Salesforce, in that case, they must confirm their existing operating model (B2B, B2C, or B2B2C) before reviewing areas of the enterprise with the highest urgency for improvement. Nextlink Technology can help enterprises identify issues and implement customized solutions.

High-efficiency systematic implementation

Nextlink Technology emphasizes the importance of project management and executes effective, and systematic implementation methods that help enterprises with gradual industry transformation. We strive to achieve the goals of enterprises.

A Wealth of industry knowledge and capability

Our team of experts are certified by Sales forece. We offer 1-on-1 consulting services to help enterprises implement the most suitable CRM solutions.

Comprehensive consulting services

We simultaneously handle business strategy, consulting, project management, data analytics, and system implementation with the utmost professionalism to help enterprises improve market competitiveness using cloud CRM and accessing all new developments.