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The Best Data Security Protection Services for Multiple Cloud Platforms


Radware Cloud Security Service

The 2022 H1 Global Threat Analysis Report released by Radware pointed out that malicious DDoS attacks increased by 203% year over year while the volume of malicious transactions on the web end increased by 38%. This is further evidence of increasing cyberattacks that will require enterprises to quickly enhance their data security protections. Nextlink Technology has partnered with Radware to offer security management and protection services for various cloud platforms. A series of algorithms and analytic tools can identify potential risks, thereby representing the optimal data security choice for your cloud.

Radware Services

DDoS protection

  • DDoS protection applicable to any environment

    Including on premise, private, public, and hybrid cloud environments

  • Most advanced protection against attacks

    Including burst attacks, DNS and encryption attacks, and ransom DDoS

  • Complete custodian security services

    Team of 120 security specialists and ERT 7*24 maintenance and operation services

  • Easy deployment

    Setup architecture required by customers with flexibility or hybrid DDoS protection solutions based on their threat overview

  • Global coverage

    16 International traffic scrubbing centers with 10 Tbps in global attack buffer capacity

Cloud-based web application firewall (WAF services)

  • Comprehensive protections for web applications

    Full coverage for top 10 OWASP threats and other attacks

  • Flexible deployment options

    Such as custodian cloud services, integrated CDN services, and value added services to protect applications of other websites (API/BOTM)

  • Automatically learn and analyze traffic

    Learn the rules that constitute expected behavior, and automatically block malicious activities

  • Provide precision analysis

    Allows security staff to quickly gain an in-depth understanding of circumstances that occur with an application

Secure API protections

  • Comprehensive protections

    Avoid widespread API threats including leaks, interruption of service, automatic threats, and embedded attacks.

  • Automatic API detection

    Professional knowledge in applications or security are not required. Automatic API detection provides adaptive protections for recorded and unrecorded APIs.

  • Precise strategies

    Precise strategies are generated based on active and passive security models with continued optimizations and elimination of false reports

  • Flexible application environment

    Identical engines and strategies of security protection technologies can be applied to any environment and architecture including monolithic applications, micro services, and serverless architecture.

Radware assisted a renowned manufacturing company in blocking global DDoS ransom attacks

Customer background

An electronics company was subject to a DDoS attack, with a demand for a ransom in Bitcoin or the DDoS attack would paralyze all services in their IDC server room.
The attack volume reached 125Gbps, but their existing Japanese ISP DDoS traffic scrubbing service offered limited protection due to their use of ACL and traffic restriction mechanisms. This allowed a 15Gbps attack to go through, leading to congested server connections and interruption of service.

Radware solutions

Radware provided a cloud and on premise hybrid DDoS solution that handled full frequency attacks in the cloud and encrypted and slow attacks on the ground.


Radware’s real-time attack recognition and global joint defense scrubbing technologies effectively intercepted the 125Gbps attack initiated from all corners of the world without interrupting normal use by customers.

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Nextlink partners with Radware to provide the best cloud data security protections

Nextlink Technology’s years of experience in cloud services and Radware’s professional insights in data security are combined with AWS and Radware OWASP solutions to protect customers’ data centers, networks, web/mobile applications, and APIs effectively. In addition to minimizing latency, regulatory-compliant processes in cross-border routing greatly enhance network protections for cloud users. We are the top solution for your cloud data security.