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Information Security Service Digital United (ISSDU)

The Security Subscription Service (3S) is a diverse data security solution. The newly structured service is composed of a monthly subscription model and data security custodian services to help solve issues related to data security for enterprises.


Information Security Service Digital United (ISSDU)

With data security issues occurring one after another, the prevention of security breaches and effective management of data security has become major challenge for enterprises. Nextlink Technology and Information Security Service Digital United (ISSDU) jointly offer a 3S data security subscription service, a one-stop data security guarantee for enterprises from implementation to maintenance.

Four Major Advantages of 3S Data Security Subscription Service

The 3S Data Security Subscriptions offer many plans and consist of new forms of architecture with monthly payment models and data security custodian services. Enterprise users are provided with a high performance data security service with low costs, thereby decreasing the data security threshold for enterprise digital transformations.

Rigorously selected data security products that optimize protections

  • Professionally evaluated products

    Professionally evaluated products eliminate the chance of unsuitable or overly expensive purchases

  • Flexible options

    Comprehensive product tiers for flexible options and upgrades

Share professional custodianship with professional data security teams

  • Professional service teams

    Professional service teams assist with product setup and operation

  • 7×24 all-day

    7×24 all-day data security incident surveillance and analytics

  • 5×8 remote emergency warnings

    5×8 remote emergency warnings and consulting services

Easy and convenient cloud management

  • Fast deployment

    Cloud management mechanisms for fast multi-node expansion and deployment

  • Eliminate service obstacles

    Eliminate service obstacles by dispatching/reviewing data security policies

  • Verify and repair vulnerabilities

    Verify and repair vulnerabilities for systems and services

Subscription installments to decrease implementation costs of data security

  • Easy monthly payments

    Easy monthly payments eliminate the need for large-scale initial capital expenditures

  • Product warranty licensing + professional custodianship labor

  • Reduce taxes

    OPEX recurring fees help enterprises reduce taxes

3S Data Security Subscription Services

3S Network Security

The 3S Network Security subscription service offers comprehensive protections for network gateways and all-day incident surveillance and warning services from professional data security teams. Additionally, the monthly leasing model greatly reduces large lump sum cost expenditures. The 3S Network Security subscription service offers multi-faceted threat protection technology and network application functionality.

3S Node Security

The 3S Node Security subscription service utilizes the solutions from the world leading brand in next-gen node protection. A single lightweight next-gen anti-virus NGAV is utilized to safeguard protected node servers while EDR, the latest smart anti-hacking technology offers persistent testing and response mechanisms to carefully monitor all abnormal paths that occur in system activity. These ultra advanced protections against the threat of hackers prevents infections by ransomware.

3S Data Security testing service – regular anti-hacking inspections

The 3S Data Security testing service – regular anti-hacking inspections is a solution that utilizes vulnerability testing and cloud platform management models to offer vulnerability scans that can identify weak points in data security awareness and deploy relevant architecture to counter them. Designs target data security risks that commonly occur to enterprise users to help establish effective enterprise protections in advance.

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Nextlink Technology has partnered with ISSDU to offer one-stop data security services and local technology support to immediately solve any issues. Our professional teams and technologies provide security for nodes, networks, and clouds to comprehensively enhance enterprise IT environments and data security protections.