07/24 2020

Deploying AWS ahead of schedule on the new website, helping users to upgrade their experience with high efficiency and high speed.

Websites are the face of modern enterprises. According to statistics, when the load time of a website exceeds 5 seconds, there is a 67% chance of losing the customer forever. Nextlink has been deeply involved in the industry for many years and has assisted more than 1,000 corporate customers to move to the cloud steadily. The most common use is to run corporate website and content delivery on AWS as this is the simplest and basic cloud entry application, which has become the company’s general A stepping stone to the relocation of core services to the cloud.

To improve the user experience and welcome the new look of the website, Nextlink has implemented a cloud architecture revision for a well-known company in a short period. Here, we will provide a model designed by the Solutions Architect for the cloud architecture transformation of the company’s website. As a leader and pioneer, Nextlink takes the lead in using new services on AWS to prove the profound cloud technique of the architect team.

A Solutions Architect Sharing how to apply Enterprises’ new website using AWS technique

After considering the speed and performance, the Solutions Architect team of Nextlink decided to containerize the company’s new website and use a variety of serverless services to greatly improve the performance of the website. The AWS services used are as follows:

  1. Customers search for URLs to enter the site through Route 53 and use Amazon CloudFront to speed up the site from the early steps.
  1. The packaged website image is placed in the ECR, published on multiple ECSs, and managed by Fargate, the serverless service. The container service itself is lightweight and service portable. As a result, the page loading speed will be improved. Also, it will be more convenient if the website function needs to be modified in the future.
  1. Use Amazon Aurora Serverless as the Database, which can be automatically expanded according to the reads and writes data on the website. Without the need for manual adjustments, this also reduces the cost of personnel maintenance.
  1. For storage service, connect ECS backend to EFS to share website files and transfer them to S3 storage at high speed through AWS Data Sync service.

Speed up the website by 10 times. Keep the user experience smooth and without stuck.

After the new website of the well-known enterprise was launched,  the Solutions Architect team have tested and found the website loading speed was 6.6ms, which was nearly 10 times faster than the original website. Bruce Huang, the Senior Director of Nextlink AWS department, said: “Through this revision of the customer’s official website, Nextlink has proved our capabilities in cloud services, and can greatly improve website performance through new AWS services.

Supported by a professional team of Solutions Architects team’s experiences, we can provide the most comprehensive cloud solution for customers from different industries.”

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