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In recent years, generative AI has thrived, bringing unprecedented innovation and opportunities to businesses. Nextlink Technology helps companies integrate generative AI into daily operations, aligning with future trends. This extends beyond chatbot text generation to encompass a wide range of AI applications.

What is Generative AI

Core Concept

Generative AI mimics human learning and creativity, using vast data to train models that generate realistic content, including text, images, and audio.

Continuous Learning

Generative AI continuously learns from new data, improving content quality and diversity over time. This enables businesses to stay agile in a dynamic market.

Innovative Business Applications

Generative AI drives innovation in business, allowing companies to create new products, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge. Applications include automatic content generation, intelligent chatbots, and personalized marketing strategies.

Enhancing Productivity with Gen AI Applications

In recent years, generative AI has emerged as a significant technology in the business sector, bringing substantial transformation and opportunities to enterprises.

Intelligent Chatbots

Create smart conversational systems for more natural interactions, improving online customer service and internal communication efficiency.

Smart Knowledge Search

Quickly retrieve internal information with AI conversations, significantly boosting work efficiency.

Real-Time Multilingual Translation

Translate multiple languages in real-time, overcoming language barriers in meetings, and enhancing global collaboration.

Creative Text Generation

Automatically generate documents, reports, and images, saving time on repetitive tasks and boosting creativity.

Code Generation and Optimization

Provide fast, accurate code generation to accelerate the development process for engineers and developers.

Challenges and Risks in Adopting Gen AI

While generative AI brings immense opportunities, it also poses challenges and risks. Nextlink’s generative AI team deeply analyzes clients’ needs, offering tailored solutions to overcome these challenges. With multiple public cloud security certifications, we ensure both value creation and enterprise information security in generative AI applications.

Integration and Strategic Alignment

How can generative AI applications align with corporate strategies to achieve synergies across all levels?

Cost-Benefit Balance

Balancing investment in generative AI with short-term returns to sustain value creation.

Technology Selection and Optimization

Selecting and optimizing generative AI to enhance operational decision-making efficiency and accuracy.

Security and Ethical Considerations

Addressing misuse, preventing data leaks, and implementing policies to mitigate information security risks.

Nextlink’s Gen AI Services and Solutions

Needs Analysis and Consultation

  • We evaluate the client’s situation, needs, and data to offer comprehensive generative AI front-end and back-end development and technical consultation services.

Real-time Multi-source Data Integration

  • We integrate the latest real-time data, including internal and specialized data, to create highly customized solutions for our clients.

Customized Gen AI Applications

  • We tailor, develop, and deploy generative AI applications according to client needs, integrating them into existing projects to maximize AI benefits.

Comprehensive Data Security

  • We retain relevant data within the client’s environment to ensure security and autonomy, while leveraging major public cloud security mechanisms for added convenience.

Continuous Evolution for Sustainable Business

  • We tackle data silo challenges and help businesses integrate machine learning and generative AI with their future development goals. Through ongoing AI upgrades, we enhance operational efficiency and support sustainable business growth.

Success Stories

Nextlink’s Gen AI
Use Cases

At Nextlink Technology, our mission is our clients’ success. We deliver comprehensive data and generative AI solutions, empowering clients across industries to enhance efficiency and explore new business opportunities.

Enhancing Smart Shopping Experiences for Major Retail Brands

We leverage generative AI to create intelligent chatbots for major retail brands, enabling real-time interaction and support for consumers on online platforms and apps. This enhances the online shopping experience. Additionally, our creative text generation technology optimizes marketing materials and design, boosting operational efficiency.

Intelligent Customer Service for Startups

We help large startups implement generative AI customer service solutions. Using LLMs, we modularize customer service solutions to provide intelligent AI support.

Social Listening Analysis for Chain Restaurant Group

We help a chain restaurant group on collecting customer feedback from multiple online channels (such as Facebook and Google reviews) and leverage LLMs for social listening analysis. This aids in decision-making and service optimization.

Nextlink Empowering Businesses with Gen AI

Nextlink Technology holds multiple certifications in public cloud technologies and boasts extensive experience in developing and deploying generative AI applications. With our team of professional consultants and technical experts, we are dedicated to helping enterprises effortlessly embrace the trend of generative AI. Our goal is to enhance workflow efficiency, operational effectiveness, drive business innovation, and create new commercial value.